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    Same design and quality as the leading brand for a fraction of the price.

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    Receive your blades every month or every two months.

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    Every plan receives a free handle with the first order.

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    If your not sure you’ll like us don’t worry, you can stay for as little as a month

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  • The Bullet-Tooth Tony

    The Bullet-Tooth TonyThe Men's 3-blade - Oozes macho and a no nonsense attitude

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  • The Houdini

    The HoudiniThe Men's 5-blade - So up close and personal with your face you may need a restraining order

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  • The Brazilian

    The BrazilianThe Women's 5-blade - It’s kind of like the men’s razor, but better...

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Dont Want to Commit?

No worries, we all have commitment issues now and then.  The good news is we have tailor made plans to make your life easy.  Going travelling for a year?  Cancel your subscription and that's that.  The best part is, when you come back you can just start from where you left off.


Close Shave Offer

Refer Friends and Get Free Months

Do you have friends? | Do your friends shave? | If so that is great news for you...

As a member all you have to do is get two friends to subscribe and we will give you a free month of razors.  Even better, get 4 friends to sign up and you get 2 free months.  What about 6 friends you ask?  Well we will give you 3 months free.  This can go on indefinetly so if you are lucky enough to have 100 friends then you will be getting 50 months of free shaving.

Once your friends have signed up just tell them to email us on enquiries@closeshavesociety.com stating your name and voila.

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